Everything I’ve Found on Amazon This Month

Updated: May 28, 2020

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Like many people, I’ve developed a lockdown online shopping habit. Now, I’m not over here throwing cash at everything that catches my eye. But I’ve found a few items on Amazon recently that I couldn’t pass up for the price. It's hard not to look for home decor items when you're home so much more often than you were before! From a new living room rug to a pair of solar lights, here’s everything I've found on Amazon this month.

Print Area Rug

This rug arrived a few days ago and looks seriously amazing! Obviously for less than $50, it’s not the highest quality rug you can get. But the pattern looks great and the texture is soft. There was a bit of wrinkling at first (to be expected) but it’s flattened out now and looks so nice in our living room. I got this in the 5x8' size.

Sterling Silver Hoop Earring Set

I’ve been loving the hoop trend recently so I bought this set to wear in my triple-pierced lobes as a matching look. These look adorable but fair warning, they are a pain to put on. They're an infinity closure so you have to finagle the clasp closed juuuuust right. However, you can't beat the price (just under $10!). These should also be fine if you have sensitive ears.

Sterling Silver Chain Necklace

Another trend I’ve been loving recently has been chain jewelry. I love this gold one from Nordstrom, but couldn’t convince myself to pull the trigger on a style I haven’t worn before for that price. So I was happy to find this sterling silver one for a fraction of the cost - and it glimmers beautifully in the light! I ordered the 18” length and it hits just below my collar bone.

Stainless Steel Chain Bracelet

I wasn’t kidding about the chain jewelry! I received this set of five bracelets and while I had to remove a couple links for a better fit, they were a great purchase. These are stainless steel and can be used as the base for a charm bracelet or worn alone (which is how I’ve been wearing mine). They look great in a stack with some cuff bracelets!

Hanging Solar Lights

We used to have these adorable solar powered Edison bulb lights hung around our patio. One day, they didn’t turn on and I could not figure out why. I finally went to check on them to find the wire CHEWED THROUGH by squirrels. So I was delighted to find these (wire-free) solar powered lamps to hang up instead. They're surprisingly bright and hold a charge for a good few hours.

Cozy Throw Blanket

This is a lightweight acrylic throw blanket that is super soft and just the right weight for chilly summer evenings. The knit diamond pattern and fringe details are a nice touch.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I've had a few pairs of blue light blocking glasses but this chic frame style is my favorite by far. They come with a carrying case and cleaning cloth - all for under $20!

Blackout Curtains

I have a few sets of these blackout curtains and they do such a good job. They're a lifesaver now that the sun rises earlier and help us get a few more Z's. They're the perfect length and width for a standard window.

Crest White Strips

I have no problems admitting to using whitening strips! These are the gold standard and come with a bonus 1-Hour Express set. I've seen such a difference in my teeth since I started using these and they haven't left me with any sensitivity, either.